Learning to Play UX Rugby

These are my slides from this last weekend’s excellent Agile UX NYC conference.  One clarification I need to make.  Early in the talk, I describe “designing ahead” as an anti-pattern.  From conversations that followed, I think a lot of people took that to mean that designing ahead is bad outright and something you should not do.  There is nothing inherently wrong with designing ahead; the problem lies in how you think of designing ahead, ie is it something you do as a matter of course, or is it something you try to do as little of as possible, and who is it that is designing ahead? The UX designer alone or the whole team?  More about that in my blog post on this topic.

So, with that out of the way, here are the slides from my talk:

And here’s a video of my talk, courtesy of Yasunobu Wayaguchi