Presenting at the Delve Conference, photo by Eddie Welker

Hi, I’m Anders Ramsay, and I am a User Experience Designer, Product Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Agile UX Coach.  Since designing and building my first commercial website for an imaging service bureau I was working for in the mid ’90s, I have been an obsessive and passionate explorer of ways to more effectively bridge the Yes/No world of computers with the Maybe-this/Maybe-that world of people.

After completing a degree in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan School of Information in 1999,  I worked at agencies large and small as well as a multi-national and a startup, leading the design of both consumer-facing websites and enterprise applications.  Some of my direct or indirect clients include AOL, CBS, Deutsche Bank, FOX , JP Morgan, McGraw-Hill, Lonely Planet, Sony Pictures, Turner Broadcasting, Viacom, and the City of New York.

I am highly active in the User Experience Design Community, including leading the NYC IA Meetup since 2003, organizing a retreat for information architects in 2005, participating as a mentor to aspiring practitioners via the Information Architecture Institute Mentoring Program. Recently, I started the Agile Experience Design Meetup, as well as the Agile Experience Design social network.

I have contributed articles to the Boxes & Arrows online magazine, such as my article “Prototyping with XHTML,” and have also been a speaker and panelist at events and conferences, including two talks on Agile and User Experience Design, “Agile for the rest of us“at the 2009 IA Summit, and “Agile for UX Practitioners” at the Delve UI Master Class Conference.

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