Presenting at the Delve Conference, photo by Eddie Welker

Hi, I’m Anders Ramsay, and I’m a UX Designer, Agile Coach, and Front-end Developer.  Since designing and building my first commercial website for an imaging service bureau in the late ’90s, I have been an obsessive and passionate explorer of finding better ways to make digital products fit more seamlessly into an analog world.

After completing a degree in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan School of Information in 1999,  I worked at agencies, multi-nationals and startups, leading the design of consumer-facing websites and enterprise systems.

Coding has always played a central role in my design practice, from rapid prototyping to implementing the front-end for an internal admin system.

Some of the companies I have worked with include AOL, CBS, Deutsche Bank, FOX , JP Morgan, McGraw-Hill, Lonely Planet, Sony Pictures, Turner Broadcasting, Viacom, and the City of New York.

I am also highly active in the local UX Design and Developer Communities.  I started my first Meetup group (the NYC IA Meetup) in 2003, and have since participated in organizing numerous retreats and conferences. I founded the Agile Experience Design Meetup in 2009, which has grown to include over 4,000 members and is hosted at the wonderful Pivotal Labs offices in NYC.  I also run a monthly Hack Night event and mentor aspiring developers at the NYC Hacker Hours.

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